SC Rodeo coach Marc Gilkerson

Together SC the women earned 325 points in the breakaway roping and goat tying. Tioni Erickson led the women’s team by gathering 165 points and winning the championship buckle in the breakaway roping.

Erickson won the long round with a quick run of 2.9. She was a 4.3 in the short go which put her second in that round and split the average win with Casper College’s Rachel Taylor with a combined time of 7.2 on two calves.

Teammate Katy Miller was close behind with 125 points from the goat tying. Miller put together a 9.6 second run in the long round which was a tie for 3/4 place in the round. She came back in the short go and her solid 9.4 second run, placing her third in the short go and second in the average with 19.0 seconds on two.

Kaylee Reimler earned the rest of the points by placing 3/4 in the long round of the breakaway roping with her great run of 3.4 seconds. Reimler had a little tough luck in the short go as she did not have a legal catch which resulted in a no time.

The men’s team had some tough luck this weekend at their hometown rodeo. The only member of the team to score any points was Trig Clark with 130 points.

Clark ended up second in the long go of the bareback riding with his impressive score of 70 points. In the short go Clark didn’t quite draw the horse he needed to put together a high scoring ride, but he made the most of what he had and scored a 56.

With the score of 56 he ended up fourth in the short go and second in the average with a combined total of 126 on two.

After three rodeos there are some Sheridan College Generals in the top 5 of the regional standings:
Goat Tying: 5/6—Tioni Erickson and Katy Miller (170 points)

Saddle Bronc Riding: 2nd—Trig Clark (170 points)

Breakaway Roping: 4th—Tioni Erickson (165 points)

The Sheridan College Rodeo Team will travel to Lamar, Colorado on October 3-5 for the fourth college rodeo of the fall season. After Lamar the last stop will be at Cheyenne, Wyoming.