Sheridan College AgriPark Hosts First Community Event

The Sheridan College AgriPark hosted its first community event this past Sunday with a team roping produced by the American Cowboy Team Roping Association (ACTRA).

There were three different ropings in the event. Justin Hammerich was the high money winner, placing four times over the course of the day. Weston Mann posted two of the three fastest times for the day.

The first roping included 62 teams, with Will Ferguson and Justin Hammerich taking first in the average with a combined time of 18.61 seconds on three head, followed by Toby Vineyard and Doug Cox (18.94 seconds), Todd Phillips and Justin Hammerich (19.53 seconds), and JR Olson and Justin Hammerich (19.99 seconds). The fastest time in the roping went to Will Ferguson and Doug Cox at 5.79 seconds.

28 teams competed in the second roping with Dave Soppe and Doug Miller winning with a time of 31.53 seconds on three head. Weston Mann and Guy Vineyard took second place, and Mark Moreland and Tamara Mann won third. The fast time of this roping was 7.05 posted by Weston Mann and Guy Vineyard.

The last roping of the day, which included 46 teams, was won by JR Olson and Justin Hammerich with a total time of 23.51seconds on three runs. Weston Mann and Doug Cox took second (23.64 seconds), followed by Casey Teichert with Doug Cox (26.15 seconds), and Teichert and Keeton Pollan (27.83 seconds). The fastest time of the roping and the day went to Weston Mann and Doug Cox with a time of 4.80 seconds.

“It was a great first community event at the Sheridan College AgriPark. We had a good turnout for the time of year. Gary Mefford and his production crew run a good event and we look forward to hosting more events this winter and spring” stated college officials.

The next scheduled event at the AgriPark will be another ACTRA Team Roping on January 4th.