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  • Find your prefered web browser on this page and follow the easy step by step directions.

Page not showing new content?

  • Refresh your browsers cache!
    On the page in question hold the Shift key and click the refresh button

Menu Problems?

  • Internet Explorer has a bug that does not display the menu correctly in which the sub menus appear directly under the main menu and not to the side. This will cover the menu links and prevent you from clicking on them. In Internet explorer make sure the compatibility View button is turned off.

Audio Problem?

  • First try refreshing the page.
    On the page in question hold the Shift key and click the refresh button.
  • Our inline audio player requires both Java and Flash to be installed. Please check to see if you have the latest versions.
    Visit this page to install flash
    and this page for Java
  • Alternatively you can use the linked text to download the file to your computer. (Right Click -> Save As)

Video Content not appearing?

Site displays oddly?

  • Try upgrading your browser

    As technology advances it is sometimes necessary to upgrade your computers web browser. Visit this site to download an alternative.

Sideshow displaying oddly? Install or upgrade java script!

Other Problems?